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Swindon Escape Rooms at Co-Decode

Swindon Escape Rooms at Co-Decode

Looking for a unique and fun thing to do? Then pick your dream team and enter one of our thrilling escape room adventures! 

Inside, your team will encounter a trail of cryptic clues, perplexing puzzles and mysterious mechanisms. To complete the challenges in time, you’ll need to explore the set, think outside the box – and put your heads together.

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All of our Swindon Escape Rooms are designed and lovingly hand-crafted by ourselves. This way we can guarantee that you will have a high-quality, one-of-a-kind adventure.

Swindon Escape Rooms, Room 2 - an abandoned mine with rock walls

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Maddy Google Reviews

An absolutely AMAZING experience, can't recommend enough. The room we did was utterly brilliant, beautifully designed, so clever and felt 'real', looked almost like a movie set and all the puzzles were so carefully thought out, nothing random or like you just had to guess but some tricky stuff there too! Loved it 🙂

Ashley TripAdvisor

We returned to take on sub Terra as our 150th game. We absolutely LOVED it! The way the game works is fantastic. The puzzles are inventive and so much fun. The work that has gone into putting this room together is unbelievable. Immersion is top notch. A must visit room!

Ken The Logic Escapes Me

"I lost count of the number of times that I stopped to marvel at what I was holding in my hand. Afterwards, I went back into the room to revisit all the curios that this game provided and marvel at their ingenuity and beauty."

Ruth TripAdvisor

Have never experienced an Escape Rooms scenario before but this is just wowser👌 Fantastic support and to tell you too much would spoil what is an incredible adventure. The set, atmosphere, ingenious twists and turns make this an unforgettable experience for all concerned. One of our party was dreading it and is now a total convert.

Liz Review the Room

The set is gorgeous. Everything fits, nothing is out of place, and on top of the great decor, the game flows well, taking players on a journey.  I found myself completely absorbed in the game and tasks at hand.

Robyn Tripadvisor

Brilliant fun!! We took our nephews who are 12 and 14 and we all had a great time! Never done an escape room before and this one def set the bar high! Can’t wait to do more. The owner Alex was really lovely and deserves the high praise, the reviews say it all!

Dean Escape Review

Most of the things in this game you will quite literally never see anywhere else. And the cool artifacts dotted around? Not only can you play with them, but you best play with them because they’re probably a puzzle.

Rebecca TripAdvisor

At home escape room puzzle AMAZING! We did the at home escape room today and it was definitely worth the money. It is very well made with a great variety of puzzles. Hours and hours of fun! There has been a lot of thought and attention to detail with every little bit. I couldn't recommend more!

Ready for your Escape?

We are conveniently located in Swindon’s town centre, a short walk from Swindon train station and within easy reach of the M4.
Public parking is available just outside our building.