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We love to create unique puzzle experiences and are thrilled to have received such amazing reviews.
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Blogger Reviews

Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by The Logic Escapes Me
"It’s one of the very best I’ve come across in the country, easily making its way into my top 10 UK games"
"A fantastic game bringing together great puzzles, impressive engineering, a beautiful set and an interesting storyline"
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Escape Review
"It's terrific, it's like nothing you've ever played before, and you'll love it"
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Brit of an Escape Habit
"There’s just one word to describe this room… Perfection."

Escape Room Top 10

Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Review the Room
"Don’t wait to be passing by Swindon to do this room. Make it your destination, it’s worth it!"
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Escape And Conquer
"Great puzzle design, totally absorbing and intriguing ... all presented with beautifully hand-made props and mechanisms"
Escape & Conquer
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Lock Us Up
"Some of the most intricate, amazing puzzle ideas I’ve played"
Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms are winners of a Lock Us Up 'Must Play' badge
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Escape the Review
"A beautiful game with an archaeology theme that makes it onto our 'best of UK' list!"
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Swindon Advertiser
"‘Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette’ is a lot of fun and it’s interesting to see the way your friends’ minds work - or don’t work, in some cases"
Swindon Advertiser
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Total Swindon
"We’re very confident that if you give this a try, you’ll be telling everyone you meet and booking up again!"
Total Swindon
Review of Co-Decode's Swindon Escape Rooms by Visit Wilthsire
"The excitement when a clue was solved, or a combination unlocked, grew as the time ticked away"
Visit Wiltshire

Meet the Team!

Alex, owner of Swindon Escape Rooms at Co-Decode

Alex - Founder, Creator and Games Host

Alex is the face of Co-Decode as well as the brains behind it. He plans the games and thinks up all our puzzles and props, building and programming them from scratch.

Originally a real-life archaeologist with a PhD in zooarchaeology, he has always had a passion for strategy games and a knack for craft-work. After playing his first escape room he instantly knew what he wanted to do next – add a unique live experience to his home town, Swindon!

Alex’s favourite escape games:
At Co-Decode: Sub Terra
In Wiltshire: SPECTRE @ Live Escape Salisbury
Elsewhere: Station X @ Time Trap Reading

Sofie - Creative Assistant and Games Host

Sofie creates our top-notch sets and illustrates our play-at-home Oldervik Online series.  She also looks after our social media channels and hosts our Sub Terra room.

An archaeologist by training – in her case with a doctoral focus on Mediterranean cultures – she has a talent for painting and design. Addicted to books and whodunits, she loves a good mystery!

Sofie’s favourite escape games:
At Co-Decode: Professor Dunstan
In Wiltshire: Victoria’s Last Challenge @ 11th Hour, Chippenham
Elsewhere: SpellCraft @ Tulleys Escape Rooms

Tom - Games Host

Tom is the newest face of the Co-Decode team and hosts our experiences whilst Alex and Sofie work on new projects.

Outside of the escape room, Tom is currently studying for his A-Levels in Computer Science, Graphic Design, and Mathematics, with the aspiration to go into Game Development and Design at university.

Tom’s top tips to master escape rooms:
– Make sure you thoroughly read any instructions, not just the first section!
– Investigate everything you can, even if it looks like it may be locked at first.
– Communicate with your teammates and don’t solve in silence!