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It’s that time of year again… make sure to get your puzzle advent calendar!
If you live within the town of Swindon, you can now order your copy below and we will deliver it right to your doorstep! 

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Oh no! Something terrible has happened: Santa Claus’ golden book has disappeared! It contained a complete list of all the Christmas wishes. If the book isn’t found by Christmas Eve there will be nothing but sad faces around the tree on Christmas morning.

It is up to you to save Christmas – and time is of the essence!

The thief’s trail leads you to a remote mountain village. You quickly notice that something strange is afoot here … but what? And where has the golden book gone? You must find it, but let me tell you: Behind the doors of this village there are many surprises waiting for you!

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– a calendar with 24 doors (including 42 riddle cards, strange items and secret additional material)
– a story book
– a help book with rule sheet
– 3 decoding strips and 1 decoding table

Price: £30

After purchase please email info@co-decode.co.uk or call 07759 185264 to arrange a delivery time. 

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