Advent calendar 2022

The EXIT advent calendar is back! Last year’s edition was a big hit with our customers (as well as ourselves!). We are thrilled that there is now a new, probably equally tongue-in-cheek mystery for this year: The Hunt for the Golden Book.

What can you expect?


This calendar is basically a gigantic version of an EXIT game. If you are not familiar with these, the idea behind them is that they work like an ‘escape room in a box’. They usually contain a story book with themed puzzles, ‘strange objects’ that you use to solve these puzzles and hint cards. There is also a ‘decoder disk’, which helps you determine whether you have the right answer to proceed. Often you will need to cut, fold or manipulate puzzles in a certain way to get the answer. As for clues, these might be hidden anywhere in the game.  Literally anywhere! This is usually how the designers trick us… so keep your eyes open and be on the lookout!

EXIT advent calendar inside


If you have played the standard EXIT games, the calendars are very much in line with their usual productions. There is a decoder strip instead of a disk and there are of course 24 doors that you open and that contain clue cards and ‘strange objects’. In last year’s calendar the insides of these doors were designed as cute little mini rooms that sometimes carried part of the puzzle. Which was a really nice touch. The puzzles are not very hard, so bear that in mind if you are an experienced escaper. But if you are looking for a bit of fun throughout December, then this is for you!

EXIT advent calendar back

How do I get one?

We stock a limited number of these puzzle advent calendars. You can simply head over to our website to secure your copy and then pick it up from our venue. Alternatively, if you live in Swindon, we can deliver the calendar right to your doorstep. Ready to go up for your December puzzle-athon!