Best Escape Rooms 2021

Some more great news … we have received our ‘Best Escape Rooms’ certificates! They arrived inside a big enigmatic envelope and, as you can see, put a broad smile on Alex’s face….

Escape the Review is one of the top escape room directorates in the country. It recently celebrated it’s 5th year in the trade and has grown hugely over this time. Escape the Review scores live escape rooms (as well as online rooms, puzzle boxes etc.) based on thousands of ratings and reviews. Anyone can create an account and provide feedback about their experiences. 

Today there are over 1,600 open escape rooms in the UK. And both of our games, Professor Dunstan and Sub Terra, have made it into the top 100! If you’d like to have a look yourself, simply head over and search for ‘Co-Decode’. 

Needless to say that after the rollercoaster we’ve had in the last two years, it is absolutely wonderful to be acknowledged like this. We really love creating our puzzle experiences and it is simply brilliant to see that so many people enjoy playing them. 

A big thank you to everyone who has left us a great rating on Escape the Review. And of course to the fab Toby, who puts a lot of effort into running the platform for the benefit of anyone browsing for experiences. Including ourselves when we pick a destination for our next escape room day trip!