Escape Room Advent Calendar

Escape room advent calendar

The moment has come: this year’s EXIT Escape Room Advent Calendar has arrived!!
I know it’s generally a bit early to be thinking of Christmas, but for me advent calendars are the exception. They’re such a great way to treat yourself – or someone else! – after a very mixed bag of a year. And the amazing thing about an escape room calendar is that it’s really easy to share. So much easier than chocolate! 

How does an Escape Room Advent Calendar work & what's in it?

The story behind this calendar is that you’re on a ski trip and just as you’re enjoying the wintry landscape an avalanche comes crashing down. Ooookay. Luckily, you are quick and manage to hurl yourself into safety – and discover a hidden cave. Much better!

As you would expect from any advent calendar, it has 24 doors. In this case, these open into cute little rooms or spaces, which contain or are part of your daily puzzles.  According to the back of the box there are also 35 riddle cards, 9 ‘strange items’, a story book, a help book with clues if you get stuck, a decoder and “secret additional material” (intriguing…). 

EXIT advent calendar open

How do I get one of those?

Easy! If you live in Swindon, you can just head over to our website and purchase your very own Escape Room Advent Calendar. You will have the option to either collect it for free or, if you live in the town of Swindon, we can drop it off in our Co-Decode van for just £1 extra. What are you waiting for? We already have our copy 😉