Halloween Games

Halloween Games

The season of creepy shenanigans is almost upon us again and what would it be without some spooky puzzle fun?! This year we are running a special deal on our favourite three EXIT games with Halloween-related themes. You can get up to 15% off, depending on how many games you buy. Plus you can opt to collect your game(s) for free or pay just £1 for a special next-day delivery within Swindon. Each of the three games is suitable for up to 4 people and we have included a mix of difficulty levels. Click HERE to view our deal. 

The Haunted Rollercoaster

The Haunted Roller Coaster is the easiest one, with only two dots on the novice-expert scale. I personally found it much more involved than some other EXIT games of the same rating, for example The Sunken Treasure. But it is less complex than the other two Halloween games we’ve selected.  Regardless of difficulty, the theming is so much fun that we – as a pretty experienced couple – still enjoyed this one a lot. Like every EXIT game it comes with a story book, decoder disk, playing cards and some ‘strange items’. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but what I can say is that this game features some really attractive artwork and that the puzzles are particularly thematic. Also, it includes a very clever brain-twister that we should have seen coming – but they got us again! 

The Cemetery of the Knight

Just looking at the title, The Cemetery of the Knight virtually screams Halloween! As you perhaps imagined, in this game you enter a cemetery just before midnight in the search for a specific vault. The actual story is of course much more interesting and immersive. Regarding the artwork, this one is a bit more subdued, less flashy – which I guess is thematic and as you might expect from a night-time stroll. But again the puzzles in this game are clever and more creative than in some other EXIT games. What I particularly liked was that The Cemetery of the Knight ended on a strong hands-on puzzle flourish, which to me was extremely satisfying.  

The Sinister Mansion

When people ask me what my favourite EXIT games are, I usually recommend this one (and Dead Man on the Orient Express). The Sinister Mansion would definitely make a great choice for a Halloween games night. In this case the difficulty rating is probably about right – it is trickier than some other EXITs but doesn’t have what I consider total leaps in it. In a way, this game feels a bit more like an actual escape room because of the set dressing. The story book includes some beautiful drawing of the rooms you enter, which I don’t think is giving away too much. And it also makes use of a few imaginative mechanisms that shake the game up and require some out-of-the box thinking.


So the choice is yours! And I would say either of these three is a good one – or you can just go the full hog and play all of them… If you are looking for EXIT games in general, not only for Halloween, we now also stock The Deserted Lighthouse and The Sacred Temple. Unlike the standard games, these each include 4 jigsaws that you need to assemble and manipulate in order to solve the puzzles. We just trialled them and they are excellent! So feel free to browse while you are visiting and maybe pick up a copy.