Our Escape Rooms in Swindon – Sub Terra

Our escape rooms along the M4 - Sub Terra

Sub Terra is our next-generation escape game. When people ask us to describe it, we usually say imagine something like The Crystal Maze. The room is full of large scale mechanical puzzles, tech equipment and where Professor Dunstan is thinky, this one is all action.

Also, Sub Terra is not a classic ‘find-the-key-to-get-out’ escape scenario but mission based. This means that there are several main missions or challenges in the game. You have to complete the basic challenges within 60 minutes to win. If you finish the basics with time to spare, you can go on to tackle additional challenges to improve your score. And of course to experience more of the room!

Sub Terra Escape Room biopods
Sub Terra Escape Room biopods

What's the Story?

You’re a team of investigative journalists and you have just received an anonymous tip-off. Apparently there are strange goings-on in Cheney Mine, an old potash mine that was closed down in the 90s under very suspicious circumstances. It is rumoured that a scientific research company has secretly been using this place to conduct dangerous experiments. It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on and collect evidence to expose the truth. And you have only a very small window of opportunity to do so!

Sub Terra Escape Room rock wall

What makes this room special?

We have gone all out on set immersion for this game. Like our other experiences, we have designed, built and programmed Sub Terra from scratch. It took us over a year to put everything together, but we think the effort was worth it. Sub Terra features hand-crafted rock walls, custom-built lab equipment and lots of high-tech mechanisms working in the background to surprise you. The set has many layers and there are two distinct zones, the techy lab area and the old mechanical mine. As your team dives deeper underground, you move between those zones and uncover more and more puzzles. 

What many players appreciate about this game is its multi-linear structure. The first few tasks are designed to make you work together and to ease you into the game. But afterwards several different puzzle strands become available at the same time, so larger teams can split up and all be actively involved. If you prefer to stick together – because you’re new to escape rooms or have enthusiast FOMO – you can do so too! This room is very flexible and gives you a lot of choices. You can check out what top industry bloggers think about Sub Terra by taking a look at the posts by Review the Room and The Logic Escapes Me

Sub Terra Escape Room pressure gauge
Sub Terra Escape Room pressure gauge

What you need to know before booking

This escape room is designed for 2-6 players. We recommend playing as a 3+ but Sub Terra is easier to win as a 2-player team than Professor Dunstan. This is simply due to being mission-based and teams not having to complete every puzzle in the room. Unlike Professor Dunstan, the game scales itself so you do not need to decide a difficulty setting beforehand. We have also found that this game is very good for younger players (especially if they’re playing as part of a family group) due to it’s chunky hands-on puzzles and the engaging set.

Sub Terra is a great way of having some shared fun with your family, friends or colleagues. It is also suitable for children’s parties (12+), but please note that we strongly recommend having two adult players on the team. 

Escape at home...

In the next post we are going to present our deluxe private-hire game, Captain’s Treasure. Stay tuned to find out what you need to know before planning your puzzle party at home!