Play at Home Escape Game – Oldervik Online

Oldervik Online is a play at home escape game series that combines online puzzles with print and play. Each of the chapters – which can also be played individually – takes you on a unique puzzle adventure. As you journey ahead, the challenges get trickier and the setting changes. You’re transported from Oldervik’s study onto a 1920s train, onto a big ocean steamer, to an excavation camp in the jungle and finally inside an ancient tomb…  

As with Captain’s Treasure, you can play this game from the comfort of your own home and there is no timer. It also comes with an integrated clue system, which guides you through the experience and provides helpful hints and solutions. Whether you are playing at home or over Zoom/Skype, Oldervik Online is a fun way to spend time together and offers great value for money! (Okay, we are a bit biased on the last point, but after playing quite a few other games we think it holds true…)

Play at home escape game - Oldervik Online, the tomb entrance
Play at home escape game - Oldervik Online, the tomb entrance

What's the Story?

Your good friend and renowned archaeologist Oldervik Dunstan has gone missing … again!! You grab your things and hasten to his study in the hope of finding some clues. You soon figure out that he is tailing an infamous artefact smuggler, who has his eyes on the fabled Venus emerald. If he manages to find it before you, this ancient jewel is certain to disappear forever. So you’d better hurry up and make sure that the emerald ends up in a museum, where it belongs! 

Play at home escape game - Oldervik Online, smartphone and playing materials

How does it work?

As mentioned, Oldervik Online is a cross between an interactive online game and a print and play. And that’s just what it sounds like! To play you will need two or more smartphones (depending on team size) as well as a pen, scissors and some tape. You can either print out the gaming materials yourself or we can send you the print-outs by post (click here). The game uses a system of QR codes to gradually give you access to more puzzles and advance the story. That means you will need a QR reader on your smartphones. We recommend Bing Search, which is free and doesn’t have any disruptive pop-up ads during the QR search. 

This play at home escape game is designed for teams of up to 4 people. You can play as a slightly larger group, but in that case please make sure you have enough devices between you so everyone can be involved. Also, if you’re getting together over Zoom or Skype, please be aware that each household will need their own print-outs. Every chapter has a different playtime, which is detailed in respective listings on our website. Likewise, difficulty settings vary, with Chapter 1 being the easiest so players can familiarise themselves with how it all works.

What makes this game special

Like all of our games, Oldervik Online is entirely thought up and made by ourselves. That means that it’s not just another print and play, but it has the same feel, character and level of detail as our on-site game rooms. The protagonist, Oldervik, is in fact visiting the online universe from our popular Professor Dunstan game. Each chapter of the series forms part of the overarching story and offers a diverse mix of puzzles. Having designed every aspect of the game – the puzzles, the clue-system, the structure, the hand-drawn illustrations – also means that these all work together as a whole. We love creating puzzle games and this one has been a labour of love that has kept us busy during lockdown. 

Next time...

That’s it. I have now presented all of our currently available games. But there’s lots of exciting upcoming news, so stay tuned to find out more!