Private hire escape game – Captain’s Treasure

Captain’s Treasure is a deluxe puzzle experience available for private hire. The game consist of five pirate chests full of story-driven puzzles and integrated hidden mechanisms. We have done our very best to make this into an actual escape room in a box. Imagine something like an ‘Exit’ game, but an extra lavish version with real hand-crafted items – and a lot more puzzles!

You can play this game from the comfort of your own home and there is no timer – you can be as fast or leisurely as you like. Also, Captain’s Treasure comes with an online clue system, which provides hints and solutions. This is a self-service system, so, again, you can manage this according to your own preference. 

What's the Story?

You’re a band of pirates, hungry for treasure and ready to steal it! The word on the sea is that Captain Bartholomew is currently stopping at Tortuga, the brawly buccaneer haven. As you well know, this famous swashbuckler is fabulously rich and has just made another successful haul. So surely the easiest way of making it big yourselves is capturing him and stealing his booty…? Ayyye!!! 

How does it work?

Captain’s Treasure is a private hire experience that can be booked for a 24-hour period. You don’t need to worry about logistics – we deliver the game to your doorstep in a contactless handover and pick it up again the next day. That’s what our swish Co-Decode van is for! We deliver within a ca. 20-mile radius of Swindon, the first 5 miles being entirely free of charge.

The game is designed for a group of 2-5 players and we recommend sticking to that number, as the puzzle structure is mainly linear. Captain’s Treasure is quite a big game, not only physically but also in terms of contents. It can take anything between 2 and half to 4 hours, depending on your experience level and pace. However, the story unfolds in two acts, so it’s easy to take a break in the middle if you feel like it. Or you can choose to play on if you’re on a roll! 

Please note that Captain’s Treasure is not a kids game. It’s great for families with children (12+), but it is definitely not suitable for children’s parties due to complexity. 


We think Captain’s Treasure is the ideal game if you want to treat yourself at home or plan to surprise someone for a special occasion. But then we made the game and are a tiny bit biased. Here are some snippets of what people who have played it think… 

“Five intricately designed and utterly unique wooden chests provided both backdrop and a succession of ingenious puzzles that used every available cubic inch. Authentic throughout from the iconic emblem of the East India Trading Company to the tropical parrots.”
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“Aside from the clever mechanisms, Captain’s Treasure was filled with truly wonderful puzzles and challenges. Every aspect of the game was thematic, and each task forced us to call upon a variety of skills (…) There were plenty of brilliant “Ah-Ha!” moments, as we connected the pieces and worked our way through challenges. These were aided by subtle, but perfect sign posting, making every moment of the game a sheer joy to play.”
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“It was engaging, challenging, thought provoking & definitely fun. We were 4 adults & took just under 5 hours to complete it with a break in the middle for lunch! It kept us occupied for the whole day without arguments- a record!”
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Escape at home...

In the next post we’re taking a look at our other play at home game, Oldervik Online. This series takes on a unique format, which combines the use of QR codes with interactive online puzzles and print and play elements. Stay tuned to find out more!