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(A Spaceship Bridge Simulator Game)

During lockdown, we were contacted by a top-secret aerospace agency. As expert creators of teamwork challenges, they’ve asked us to help assess top-notch recruits for a new space mission: wormhole exploration. We’ve built the ship… now we just need to find the crew!

In our assessments, we’ll put your team through its paces and test a range of skills. But especially teamwork and communication. One person can’t solve the challenges alone, which is why you’ll need to bring your crew along for the ride.

While the goal is still to solve the puzzles within a set time limit, this is not an escape room as you know it! Rather than searching and escaping, you’ll be trying to score points by solving the puzzle elements spread across your personal control stations.

So does your crew have what it takes to be recruited? Enter our high-tech Spaceship Bridge Simulator and find out!


Game Details


£25 per person

Spaceship Positions

Our Spaceship Bridge Simulator requires exactly four crew members – no more, no less. These are the CAPTAIN, PILOT, ENGINEER and TACTICIAN.

Each position has a vital role to play and will lead different team challenges. As no two challenges are the same, make sure to select the best role for each player in advance! Check the handy graphs below to see a summary of which problem-solving skills are important for which crew member.

Overall CAPTAIN difficulty:


Overall PILOT difficulty (not suitable if colour-blind):


Overall ENGINEER difficulty:


Overall TACTICIAN difficulty:


Top Scores

1st – ‘Insert Team Name Here’


2nd – Lucas


3rd – Dustin


4th – Mike


5th – Will


What can I expect from this game?

As with all of our games, when designing CREW we wanted to create something new and unique, and this experience definitely fits that bill! Instead of exploring/searching and escaping, the focus is 100% on puzzles and teamwork. This is because all of the puzzle elements are immediately visible, but it is up to you to work out how they relate together and then solve them as a team.

During the game, each player will need to co-ordinate different puzzle challenges and take their turn as the leader. CREW was designed this way to make sure that everyone is involved and has their moment to shine, while no single person can hoard the puzzles. Players who are normally quiet or like to support from the background may find this aspect especially challenging; as might those who like to work individually. Remember: you are a team and you’ll only succeed if you work together. We’d recommend bringing your A-Team, but if you’re drafting in an extra player or two just to make up the numbers then make sure they know what they are letting themselves in for!

The goal of the game is to earn points and every team will get exactly 90 minutes inside the spaceship bridge simulator. The faster your team solves the puzzles, the more you will be presented with. There is no ‘failing’ in this game (unless you manage to get 0 points of course…) so think of it more like an arcade game in which your goal is to get a high score. And because the puzzles randomise their solutions on each playthrough, this game is replayable for any teams who want to beat their previous score!

Available Game Slots (from 18/06)

Online bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance. For last minute availability call us on 07759 185264.

You can check our Covid-19 safety information here.

CREW is suitable for adults only (18+).
This game has flashing lights (not strobe).