Oldervik Online

Play-At-Home Puzzle Adventures

“Just played chapter one of the online game and it was AMAZING! Highly recommend!”
“It was very similar to being in a real escape room and the puzzles were great.”
“The game itself was brilliant! So quick to set up and easy to follow!” 

Oldervik Online is an ongoing series of escape room-style games, set in our Professor Dunstan universe, that you can play from the comfort of your own home.
Using video conferencing software, like Skype or Zoom, you can even team up with players in a different household and play along together!

Our unique games combine print-&-play with online elements.

Choose the format that suits you best:

Option 1 – Print at Home

– Download the PDF file and print out the A4 game documents at home.
– Use your mobile device to scan QR codes and interact with Oldervik’s world.
– Draw on, cut out and fold the sheets as you solve clues and advance the story.

Option 2 – Get it Posted (UK only)

– Similar to Option 1, but we post the printed game documents to you.
– Perfect as a gift, with the option to include a message for the recipient.
– £1.75 for postage.

Chapter 1 Posted – £9.00 (+£1.75 postage UK Only)

Can you solve the trail of hints Oldervik has left and help him track down a priceless artefact?

Gift message (optional):

Chapter 2 Posted – £13.00 (+£1.75 postage UK Only)

The adventure continues on the rails but you’re not the only agent onboard! A classic whodunnit…

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Chapter 3 Posted – £15.00 (+£1.75 postage UK Only)

You set sail for a mysterious island. Can you rise to the challenges set by the ship’s crew?

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Chapter 4 Posted – £15.00 (+£1.75 postage UK Only)

Closing in on the jewel, can you successfully infiltrate the archaeological camp?

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  • Oldervik Online is a digitally delivered game. Once your order has been processed we will not be able to offer refunds.
  • Physical copies will be posted the next working day via Royal Mail. This option is only available within the UK.
  • You may not share access to the game with other groups, except where you have purchased this to give as a gift.
  • Any unauthorised replication, modification, redistribution and/or reselling of the game is strictly forbidden.