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Our Escape Games

We currently have three on-site puzzle experiences to choose from, including two escape games and a spaceship bridge simulator game.
Each experience has been lovingly hand-crafted and features a strong theme that is visible in even the smallest detail. Whether you like a classic mystery, a thrilling adventure or a techy teamwork challenge, we have you covered!

Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette

While on the hunt for a legendary statuette, Professor Dunstan has vanished.
Set out on an archaeological quest and solve the mystery of his disappearance…

Creative and original puzzle designs

Beautiful movie-quality sets

Story-driven and immersive experiences

Sub Terra

Recent scientific activity in a supposedly abandoned mine has raised suspicions.
Journey underground to discover the truth behind the secret research…

Our escape games and other experiences make for a perfect time out with family, friends and work colleagues. If you are planning to join us for a particular occasion, let us know and we can include a chocolate surprise – or your present!

CREW – A Spaceship Bridge Simulator

We’re recruiting for a top-secret space mission.
Does your crew have the skills and teamwork to make the cut?