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Captain's Treasure portable pirate escape game

Captain's Treasure

You are a band of pirates, hungry for treasure and ready to steal it!

Rumour has it that Captain Bartholomew, a pirate with far too much gold for one person, is currently hiding out on Tortuga.

Capture the Captain, sail across the seas, and find the buried treasure!

Game Details

***As always, customer safety is very important to us. We use clinical sanitizer to clean the game between each hire and can also provide free disposable gloves on request. Full instructions for how to play are online, so there is minimal contact when we deliver the game***

Captain’s Treasure is a portable puzzle experience, lovingly hand-crafted by us. The game consists of 5 wooden crates that hide fiendishly clever challenges and built-in mechanisms, which you will discover as you play in the comfort of your own home. We won’t be there to run the game for you but we have designed a self-service hint system, so if you do get stuck there will always be help at hand.

Unlike our escape rooms, the average playtime of Captain’s Treasure is 3 to 3.5 hours. This is an activity that you’ll want to devote an afternoon or evening towards and not rush through! The story unfolds in two acts, so you can choose to take a break in the middle or simply continue with the puzzles if you’re on a roll.

Most of the components are of a large format, which means that everyone can see what is happening and we recommend playing as a team of 3-5 players. Larger teams are possible, just be aware that you’ll be working to solve puzzles together.

On completing the game you’ll find a small prize, however if you wish to hire the game for a special occasion let us know and we can also hide your present in the final crate (size permitting). Please note that, due to it’s relative complexity and long playtime, this game is not suitable for children’s parties.

We recommend playing the game in a well-lit room where you have plenty of space to move around the crates and explore their contents. As it includes many wooden and fabric props, the game should only be played in a smoke-free environment. Sizes and weights of the crates are given below for guidance:

Crate 1: 59cm(w) x 42cm(d) x 26.5cm(h), 16kg.
Crate 2: 59cm(w) x 42cm(d) x 17cm(h), 10.5kg.
Crate 3: 59cm(w) x 42cm(d) x 26.5cm(h), 14.5kg.
Crate 4: 59cm(w) x 23cm(d) x 30cm(h), 12kg.
Crate 5: 35cm(w) x 38.5cm(d) x 17cm(h), 4.5kg.


£100 for a 24-hour period (private hire).

In addition, a refundable security deposit of £50 will be required.

The game can either be collected from and returned to our unit in Cheney Manor, or we can deliver for free within Swindon.

For any enquiries or to book, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.