Professor Dunstan

And the Search for the Ancient Statuette

Professor Dunstan escape game at Swindon's Co-Decode

Despite travelling the world over to lead excavations, Oldervik usually finds time to keep in touch. This time, however, it has been almost six months since you received his last letter.

Strangely, after enquiring at the Ministry it appears that nobody knows of Oldervik’s current whereabouts. All you can find out is that he had been tasked with locating and excavating the tomb of an ancient ruler. According to legend, the burial chamber contains priceless artefacts including a mysterious statuette, which the Ministry is keen to acquire.

When a letter from Oldervik finally arrives it is unusually short and to the point, requesting that you attend his study to look after his cats. As far as you know, Oldervik does not have any cats; something is definitely wrong.

And so it is that you venture to Oldervik’s private residence in search of answers…

Game Details

  • 60 minute game
  • Teams of 2-6 players (3+ recommended)
  • Wheelchair accessible (max. team size of 4 players)
  • Adjustable level of difficulty (decide when you arrive)
  • Ages 10+ (the team must include at least one 18+ adult)


2 Players: £25 per person
3 Players: £23 per person
4 Players: £21 per person
5 Players: £19 per person
6 Players: £17 per person

Available Game Slots